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#Get Your ONE DAY BEAUTY T in Korea


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We offer a variety of One Day packages to suit your needs. These treatments tend to have a fast recovery time so you can enjoy your trip in Korea with limited redness and swelling. At some of our clinics, you can have a computerized facial scan which is the best way to properly diagnose you and create the best treatment plan. This will help us to create an objective analysis for you. Aftercare is also extremely important. Thus, we make sure your get all the correct in-clinic after care treatment you need and post-clinic take home kits so you get the most out of your treatment.

If you only have 1 day and want the best overall one day treatment then this package may be right for you. All our packages are customizable as everyone has slightly different needs. In general, the 1 Day Beautiful Skin Package is made up of a light chemical peel, laser therapy, stem cell based therapy, laser light therapy and a series of other steps such as creams and masks. You will get a 25 day take home after care kit as well. The treatment consists of:

facial scanning analysis, skin preparation through a facial peel, numbing cream, conducive gel application, laser therapy, bright skin & health injection, stem cell based rejuvenation, rejuvenation laser light therapy, facial, rejuvenation creams, take home organic mask pack course (20 day supply), moisture masks (5 day supply) and rejuvenation take home cream.

Treatment Time: 2 hours

Redness: 1-2 days

Swelling: None

Time to Recovery: 1-3 days

Blunt nose tips are very common and happen when the nostrils are too wide, the cartilage on the nose tip is too spread out and when there is too much fat and skin tissue on the tip of the nose.

By refining the nose tip, you can improve your overall look to bring your nose into balance with the rest of your face. Simple cases require septal or ear cartilage to be used to shape the nose tip. More complicated cases additionally require the trimming of cartilage and possible tying to create the desired shape. The most complex of cases requires the removal of excess skin and fat as well.

Surgery Time: 1.5 hours
Anesthesia: Local with sedation (deep sleep)
Hospitalization: You can leave the clinic after 2-3 hours
After Surgery Check-ups: 3
Recommended Minimum Time in Seoul: 7 days (5 days if stitches are removed in your home country)
Recovery Time to Normal Look: 2-4 weeks
Recovery Time to Full Setting: 6-12 months

Fat loss is hard. Why not help yourself and get a jump start or put the final finishing touches on losing the extra weight. Our fat dissolving package focuses on non-surgical methods for the body and face. There are several non-surgical fat reduction machines for the body but we prefer painless versions as opposed to the versions which use ice to freeze the fat off as the effects are similar but the pain and recovery is very different. For the face and for specific spots on the body, fat dissolving injections are best. Please keep in mind that for the area under the chin, the skin should be tightening as well using non-surgical lifting technology so no saggy skin is produced. This package includes:

facial and body scanning, conducive gel, painless body fat dissolving machine, fat dissolving injections for the body and under chin area, neck area tightening & lifting laser, take home organic mask pack course (20 day supply), moisture masks (5 day supply).

Treatment Time: 1.5 hours

Redness: None

Swelling: 1-4 days

Time to Recovery: 4-5 days

Having large pores (holes or dents in this skin) is not conducive for beautiful looking skin. Pores cannot be eliminated 100% but they can be reduced a lot using a combination of treatments with the heaviest workload being done via special lasers. With less developed technology, the healing process takes 7-14 days of your skin peeling and shedding making you not want to go out in public. With the new Korean technology, the downtime is reduced to 1-2 days. This treatment includes:


facial analysis, peel & facial, numbing cream, conducive gel, BB Laser series, rejuvenation laser, diatomaceous earth mask, rejuvenation creams, take home organic mask pack course (20 day supply), moisture masks (5 day supply).

Treatment Time: 1 hour

Redness: 1-2 days

Swelling: None

Time to Recovery: 3-4 days

Regardless of your skin color, having an even skin tone is considered attractive. One of the main reasons tanning is so popular in many countries is that tanning darkens your skin to a more even color. However, tanning in the sun and in tanning beds has been proven to lead to skin damage, premature aging, cancer, eye problems and a host of other negative side effects. A better and safer alternative is to even out your pigmentation to the natural lighter tone instead of the darker one. This is done through the reduction of darker pigmentation on your face and a general clean-up of discoloration on the face. This treatment includes:


facial scanning, peel & facial, bright skin & health injection, conducive gel, pigmentation reduction laser, laser light therapy, diatomaceous earth mask, cooling strips, rejuvenation creams, take home organic mask pack course (20 day supply), moisture masks (5 day supply).

Treatment Time: 1 hour

Redness: 1 day

Pigmentation Spots: scabs form and fall off within 1 week

Swelling: None

Time to Recovery: up to 7 days

If you only have one day and want to turn back the hands of time, Seoul Guide Medical offers a great one day anti-aging treatment plan which focuses on skin tightening, lifting, rejuvenation, filling depressed areas and producing a younger and fresher look. Surgical anti-aging procedures such as the face lift or neck lift always produce much better results than non-surgical treatments but for those who don’t want the long recovery time associated with surgical procedures this is the best option. The anti-aging package includes:

facial analysis, light chemical peel, numbing cream, conducive gel, toning laser, non-surgical face lifting & skin tightening laser, bright skin & health injection, dissolving string lift (non-surgical face lift), Botox, filler, rejuvenation light therapy, fat dissolving injection, take home organic mask pack course (20 day supply), moisture masks (5 day supply) and rejuvenation take home cream.

Treatment Time: 2 hours

Redness: 1 day

Swelling: 3-4 days

Time to Recovery: 4-5 days

If you are not happy with the height and projection of your nose but don’t want to go through surgical rhinoplasty, we offer 1 day non-surgical rhinoplasty. For many cases, filler injections on the bridge and nose tip are enough to create the look you want. For more complex cases, the Korean procedure known as Hi-Ko (thread lifting of the nose) is added. In our experience, the Hi-Ko procedure alone does not procedure the desired results. However, a combination of filler and Hi-Ko produces the best results. The look tends to last anywhere from 6-18 months depending on the kind of filler used and your body’s absorption rate as the filler dissolves harmlessly into the body over time. Expect the filler to last for up to 6 months in general. Long term filler (2, 3, 5 and 10 year) is available but not recommended for most cases as the filler can only be removed surgically. Dissolvable filler can be removed right away via an anti-filler injection if for any reason you want to remove the filler. This treatment includes:


numbing cream, filler injections on the nose tip and bridge, possible use of the Hi-Ko procedure, anti-swelling light therapy, rejuvenation creams, take home organic mask pack course (20 day supply), moisture masks (5 day supply).

Treatment Time: 45 minutes

Redness: None

Swelling: 1-2 days

Time to Recovery: 1-4 days

#Get Your Skin Peels in Korea


Chemical peels are used to remove your old and unhealthy skin cells so new and healthy skin cells can grow in their place. This treatment can be repeated every 1-2 weeks, 4-6 weeks or every 6 months. It depends on your case. This treatment is also useful for those who suffer from acne and pores. A light form of a chemical peel is often used before lasers are used as the results will be better (yes, you can do a peel and a laser on the same day). The peels are much stronger than home peels and include physically removing damaged skin cells through clinic strength machines. Results are best seen in 3-14 days with smoother, brighter and softer skin. We highly recommend that for your first time, you combine this with a laser treatment course for best results.

Treatment Time: 1 hour

Redness: None

Swelling: None

Time to Recovery: up to 2-5 days

#Get Your HAIR REMOVAL in Korea


Unwanted hair can be removed via pulsating, intense beams of light. The laser passes through the skin to each hair follicle and inhibits future hair growth. This procedure works best for people who have lighter skin with dark hair. Most people need around 5 sessions and periodic maintenance is recommended. Although you can have laser hair removal without numbing cream, it is highly recommended you take the numbing cream to minimize discomfort (trust us, ask for numbing cream). Some clinics include numbing cream in their price and other clinics charge for it.

Treatment Time: 30 minutes

Redness: minimal

Swelling: minimal

Time to Recovery: 1 day

#Get Your Skin Brightening procedure in Korea


For most people, regardless of skin tone, skin whitening and brightening injections will even out skin tone to give a brighter and healthier look. A single treatment can help but best results are achieved after multiple treatments. This treatment can be combined with vitamin injections or stem cell injection treatment. Because it is done by injection through the arm, it is usually combined with other treatments such as lasers or facials.

Treatment Time: 20 minutes

Redness: None

Swelling: None

Time to Recovery: Same day

#Get Your Wedding or Event beauty care procedure in Korea

Wedding & Event procedures

If you have an event like a wedding, party or work function that is important for you then looking your best is key. As long as you tell Seoul Guide Medical how long you have until your event, we can plan out the best treatment plan for you. These are non-surgical treatments which will help you get the look you want, quickly. The following is the one week plan (meaning your event is one week away):

-Botox for the side of the eyes (crow’s feet), forehead, middle of forehead and jaw

-Filler for the mouth lines and under the eyes to remove the dark circle look

-Non-surgical face and neck lift using ultra sonic electrical impulse lasers

-Stem cell based & rejuvenation light therapy

-Stomach area non-surgical fat dissolving

-Chemical peel, diatomaceous earth mask, rejuvenation creams

-Take home rejuvenation cream, organic mask pack course (one week twice a day supply)

Treatment Time: 1 hour

Redness: None

Swelling: None

Time to Recovery: up to 2-5 days


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