Truly a hidden paradise encircled by towering rocks, Soesokkak estuary, a must see Jeju destination where Mother Nature's tears seem to be collected as the water is precious and sparkling, is in lined with majestic cliffs and interesting lava formations, where pine trees are abundantly showcasing their fancy green colours. Located in the Seogwipo area of Jeju Island, Soesokkak Estuary was originally called ‘Soedun’, which means a lying down ox.
It was later on renowned by the name ‘Soesokkak’ among the locals, whereas ‘Soe; means an ox, ‘so’ means a ‘pool of water’ and ‘Kkak means ‘the end’. The Soesokkak estuary is the mouth of the Hyodoncheon Stream. This is where the fresh water meets the salty ocean, and it broadens into a wide slow flowing river.

The contrasting blue shades of the vast ocean finely complements the altitudinous rock formations, making the Seosokkok estuary one of the best and the most picturesque scenery in Chilsip-ri, Seogwi-po. The surrounding cliffs are also astounding, as Seosokkok is located on the southern side of Hallasan Mountain, where the vegetation is rich, giving off a chilly and foggy mountain vibe. Also, behind these awe-strucking views are varied attractions that you must also see like the Cheonjeyeon Falls, Jungmun Resort and Jusang Jeolli Cliffs.
The area is also famous for its oranges, which scent is known as what drives the visitors to give the place a visit.